About Our Video & Sound Company

A Brief History

Lowrance Sound Company has been around since 1975 – the very early days of sound equipment manufacturing. We have been there for every game-changing invention and development in the field, and we are constantly educating ourselves and researching the latest advancements in modern audio technology. We have our fingers on the pulse of the best tech equipment available at any given point in time, which has been one of the key attributes to the longevity of our business. In the 1970s we were at the helm of what was new and innovative. Now, more than four decades later, we are still at the forefront.

Lowrance Sound Company is the company to choose when it comes to multimedia integration. We have been a Tennessee staple for far longer than any of our competitors, and we have seen where the A/V industry came from which gives us a greater understanding of where it is heading. In addition, we are the only family-owned multimedia integration company in the area, which makes a tremendous difference in quality and care. Our family values have helped our company consistently rank highly in customer satisfaction rates, as we put quality and professionalism above all else.

Lowrance Sound Company was founded by Mark Lowrance in 1975, following a career in the electronics field and owning/operating Lowrance Touring Sound. During the touring sound years Mark provided production services for various events and festivals, ranging in size and complexity. During the touring years Mark was afforded the opportunity to work with large festivals such as the New Orleans Jazz and heritage Festival, and artists ranging from B.B. King and Earth, Wind, and Fire, to the likes of Jimmy Buffet and more!

Following the production touring era Lowrance Sound Company focused on it’s installed and portable communications sectors, branching into Lowrance Sound & Communications; providing A/V services, cellular & two-way radio systems. After many years in the cellular and two-way radio sector, Lowrance Sound Company sold the communications division in order to focus on the installed audio, video, lighting, and acoustics market due to the increased demand for services.

As of 2016, Lowrance Sound Company has worked with thousands of customers, ranging from production work to installed systems for all types of venues. During this time we have honed our craft and developed a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the systems we design and install. This knowledge and desire to provide the best for our customers has allowed us to amass a large family of customers and work in a variety of venues.

If there is ever anything we at Lowrance Sound Company can do for you, don’t hesitate to call! From 1975 and into the future, you can count on LSC to be here when you need us!