VHF, UHF, ISM – Oh My! Deciding on Wireless Sound

These days, wireless microphones are essential in presentations and performances large and small. Whether someone is leading a classroom lecture, making announcements in a convention center, or leading a sermon in a house of worship, wireless audio helps by getting rid of those pesky cords, allowing speakers you get around with ease while broadcasting their… Read more »

Get Lighting Where and When You Need It

Lighting is everywhere, partly because of our natural need to be able to find our way in dark and enclosed spaces, but more than that, lighting can set the mood of a place. From kitchens to commercial offices, restaurants to churches, and hospitals to schools, effective lighting systems brighten any space. No matter where you… Read more »

Get a Consultation and Make a Plan

Are you looking for professional audio, video, lighting or acoustical services? Don’t go in blind – call Lowrance Sound Company for a consultation and make a comprehensive plan. We specialize in multimedia integration for a variety of clients from performing arts centers to outdoor stadiums to houses of worship. For more than 40 years, our… Read more »

Don’t Let the Name Fool You – We Handle Video, Too!

Don’t let the name fool you: Lowrance Sound Company can cover all your video needs, too! In business since 1975, Lowrance Sound Company specializes in audio, video, lighting and acoustics for venues of all sizes. We can help with every aspect of your system, from consultation and design, to procurement and sales, right on through installation,… Read more »

Before Graduation Season, Make Sure Your Audio Sounds Crisp

With spring in full swing, that means graduation season is just around the corner, with tons of students planning on walking across the stage at high schools and colleges all around the country, having their names announced as they accept their diplomas. Before you get to graduation day, don’t forget to do a preliminary check… Read more »