Room acoustics have a dramatic affect on sound, from the ability to understand speech to ensuring high energy performances do not overwhelm a room. LSC maintains years of experience in designing & implementing solutions for all types of venues, including DIY solutions and studio applications.

Whether you need design facilitation from an architectural standpoint, consulting regarding how to correct as existing room, or a custom solution blending art and acoustic remediation; we have you covered. LSC can provide preconstruction solutions based on architectural drawings and details, or provide post-construction solutions in conjunction with our onsite facility testing and measuring.

All acoustic solution designs do carry a design fee, but provide the client with an accurate report upon completion.

Such a report includes:

  • Frequncy based RT field measures of the current space, or anticipated based on pre-construction.
  • The desired resulting RT for the space based on use type.
  • A 2D layout of the room, providing a plan and elevation view denoting where such treatments will be placed and their size relative to the room at scale.
  • An estimated materials package to provide the desired solution.