Professional Video & Broadcast Systems

Lowrance Sound Company can handle all of your video needs!

Including, but not limited to: Data/Video Projection, Image Magnification (IMAG), Broadcast Video and Recording, IP Video, RF Distribution, MATV Systems, CCTV, Projector Installation and Digital Signage.

Like every Lowrance system, we custom tailor the design to meet each customer’s requirements and budget. Our philosophy on system design stems from decades of experience. We understand that each implementation of a video system is different than the last, and each design requires ample design time to ensure proper functionality and operation.

Worship: Video Projection, Broadcast Video, IP Streaming, Audio and Video Recording
Education: Video Projection, Video production, Classroom AV, Studio Installation
Business/Industry: AV and Projection for Board Rooms and Training Facilities, Campus Wide Video
Sports: Distributed Video for Suites, Concourse, and Lobby, Video Wall Installation.

Don’t forget lighting! Proper lighting fixture selection and system design play an integral part when quality video recordings are required!

Lowrance Sound Company is your source for Video Equipment and Professional Video Installation.