Commercial Audio Installation

Lowrance Sound Company provides installation services ranging from standard contractor work to component individual installs, with the entire range of services providing a same high quality level of workmanship and quality we are known for. Our technical staff maintains decades of experience, certifications and training, but most importantly a mindset that what we do for others must be reliable, long lasting, and something we would be proud of; for if you take pride in your work you will always do the best job you can.

For the client it’s important to understand how important what you don’t see is to your final result. Far too often we encounter sub par installations that create issues for the client, reduce quality of the systems, and in many cases lead to outright failure. The sad reality is often if “it works” many companies will go no further, and clients will know no better. From cabling management and proper handling, power circuits with correct grounding and bonding, to rigging of overhead components for long term safety; LSC takes your installation and safety seriously. As they say, “measure twice, cut once.”, a mindset that we have found actually saves the client over the life of such a system as they don’t require servicing or replacement of damaged components.

Your installation is just as important as the components used. A great installation of lower quality components will always provide a better result than a poor installation of high quality components. Do let the most crucial part of your project become an issue, contact LSC for quality installation services backed by decades of experience and an included one year warranty.

Contact our team today by calling 800-852-5418 and see how our highly trained staff can get your new system up and running.