Professional Training

Lowrance Sound Company includes basic staff training for every system sold; be it audio, video, or lighting. Customers are also provided with detailed documentation binders referencing not only the equipment, warranty, and serial numbers pertaining to a specific system (be it audio, video, or lighting), but number schematics. Such schematics and detailed wire labeling insure future services or repairs can be expedited.

For those seeking further education or recurring training, we offer a host of different one-time or annual service based engineer trainings.

Types of Training Services
  • Beginner to Advanced Mixing Console Training
  • Beginner to Advanced Broadcast Switcher Control
  • Beginner to Advanced Proper Microphone Control and Usage
  • Detailed Audio System Setup: Live Applications
  • Detailed Audio System Setup: House of Worship (Including Setup of Monitors, Recording Mixes, etc.)
  • Annual K-12 & Higher Ed. Staff Re-Training
  • Custom Training Services