Repair and Maintenance Services

Lowrance Sound Company, Inc. offers full service equipment repair and system servicing for a wide variety of products. We offer both on site and in house repair services depending on customer needs. All repairs are made by our trained technicians or factory repair staff depending on the severity of the required repairs. Whether you have a church or stadium, we can provide the needed repairs or maintenance.

For customers looking for long term solutions that don’t require constant invoicing or purchase order requisitions, we also offer various types of service contracts. These types of contracts typically cover a 12 month period, and depending on the package selected, will provide the customer with an allotment of the following:

  • On Site Service Call / Repair
  • On Site Staff Training
  • In House / On Site Reduced Bench Labor Rate
  • Remote System Management and Repairs *Dependent on System Type*
  • Annual or Semi-Annual System Tuning & Alignment