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Sound Quality Paramount to Quality Home Theater Setup

Home theatres used to be the type of room only found in mansions. But over the years, their popularity has increased and so has their affordability. Thanks to technology and the end of the recent recession, more families are putting home theatres into basements and spare bedrooms. As important as the comfortable seats are, there… Read more »

Working Out With Lowrance Sound

Those who work out regularly will take anything they can get for motivation to push themselves to the next level. Their place of fitness can certainly help by creating an ideal surrounding environment. One of the best ways of achieving this goal is with a quality audio system like those provided by Lowrance Sound Company…. Read more »

Completing an Exciting Job in the Bluegrass State

One of the annual hot button issues in our country is the future of education.  School districts across the country are faced with a variety of pressing issues, which include budgetary concerns, worries about academics and overcrowded classrooms. Like many counties across the nation, McCracken County in Kentucky was trying to solve a difficult education… Read more »