Completing an Exciting Job in the Bluegrass State

One of the annual hot button issues in our country is the future of education.  School districts across the country are faced with a variety of pressing issues, which include budgetary concerns, worries about academics and overcrowded classrooms.

Like many counties across the nation, McCracken County in Kentucky was trying to solve a difficult education dilemma.  The county was trying to find a solution to an excess number of students in several county schools.  To combat their overcrowding issue, and allow for smaller class sizes, the county chose to build a splendid new high school with remarkable modern features.  Subsequently, the county will use the old high school buildings as middle schools, and the old middle school buildings as elementary schools.  This will reduce student population in each school, and decrease class sizes, which will give children more individual attention.

Let’s get back to the renovation of the new building though.  McCracken County is undertaking the project the right way, as the new school will throw out all of the bells and whistles, including an immense new auditorium, gymnasium and several new sports fields that will benefit students, parents and community members alike.  What’s more, the renovation will entail heightened security measures to better protect students.  Also, the building will utilize as much natural light as possible, which will benefit the environment, create a better learning environment and help the county/school save money on energy bills.

As part of the major renovation, Lowrance Sound Company was proudly chosen to assist the project with our field of expertise.  Our workers are working diligently to provide this wonderful school and county with top-level sound and lighting systems.  We have thoroughly enjoyed working on this unique project, and students and parents in McCracken County will have a lot of wonderful things to look forward to in regards to the new high school.  Although parents may often wonder why their high school building wasn’t this grandiose!

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