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Is a Home Theater for You? Absolutely!

Everyone loves a good movie. There is nothing like the dark and absorbing ambience of a movie theater. It is great for families, friends, and mood-setting for couples. But if you could have that same experience in your own home, without the sticky floors and uncomfortable seats, wouldn’t that be your best choice? Home theaters… Read more »

Why Tuning Your Sound System is a Prudent Decision

The entertainment system is often a homeowner’s pride and joy and frequently located in the most used room in your home. And whether or not you have a sophisticated system, you want to optimize the sound for maximum enjoyment. Here are a few helpful tips to make the most of your sound system. Check Your… Read more »

Who Invented the Loud Speaker?

What did we even do to listen to music, dictation, and recorded sound before the loud speaker was invented? You might picture someone straining to hear the noise, with a hand to their ear and their face contorted in confusion. Thanks to Chester W. Rice and Edward Washburn Kellogg, we don’t have to try and… Read more »