Why Tuning Your Sound System is a Prudent Decision

The entertainment system is often a homeowner’s pride and joy and frequently located in the most used room in your home. And whether or not you have a sophisticated system, you want to optimize the sound for maximum enjoyment. Here are a few helpful tips to make the most of your sound system.

Check Your Wall Outlets

Regular residential grade wall outlets are really for ordinary appliances and electrics like toasters and lamps, and not created for handling audio and video equipment. Replacing them with either commercial or hospital grade outlets is best. And while you are at it, check your wiring, just to be safe.

Put Your Sound System on One Circuit

Make sure your sound system is the only electric on the circuit you are going to use. Having other household appliances on the same circuit can create unwanted noise and be unsafe. As well, an AC power conditioner is an essential element in keeping your sound system optimized. There are many units available for every budget.

Align and Spike Your Speakers

Take the time to figure out where the speakers would best be located, align them – making sure they are equidistant from the listener – and then spike them into the floor. Be sure they are solidly spiked, as added vibrations are unwanted.

Separate All Cables and Remove Static

Surrounding all your cables are electro-magnetic (EM) fields which, if they interact with one another, can degrade sound. So make sure you separate cables and get them off the floor. Separating cables will prevent confusion and that horrible “spaghetti junction” that often can occur, making discerning what is plugged into what so difficult. You can eliminate static on your cables by wiping them down once a month with an anti-static cloth.

Clean All Connections and Tighten Everything

You want to make sure all connections are tight and free of dust or other particles. Also, tighten all screws and other hardware. This should be part of your regular maintenance schedule and done at least twice a year.

Clean CD’s and DVD’s

This may seem obvious but so often we forget this step. Keeping your CD’s and DVD’s clean is just common sense and can add to your sound system’s performance.

Tuning and maintaining your sound system is easy, doesn’t require a serious knowledge of complex electronics, and will ensure that it operates at its peak performance level. That said, if you really want to install a preeminent sound system, consider contacting a professional sound company.