Working Out With Lowrance Sound

Those who work out regularly will take anything they can get for motivation to push themselves to the next level. Their place of fitness can certainly help by creating an ideal surrounding environment. One of the best ways of achieving this goal is with a quality audio system like those provided by Lowrance Sound Company…. Read more »

Let Your Students Be Heard!

With ever-tightening budgets in education, a struggle often emerges of what’s too important to cut and what a school can do without. High quality, efficient audio systems make more sense than ever, as they literally amplify so many precious, irreplaceable moments of a student’s life. Just consider for a moment what your adoring ears may… Read more »


You might find yourself wondering, “Why do they need such a powerful system at a ballgame? Those huge speakers are a little overkill, aren’t they?” The truth is that regardless of where you are in the stadium, the acoustics are always playing against you. With player introductions, the live play action on the field, special… Read more »

How Lowrance Sound Company Can Improve or Maintain Your Audio System

Have you ever been to a concert where you heard a hiss in the speakers, or a radio station’s music “bleeding through?” How about a church service where the speaker or singer walks in front of a speaker and there’s a piercing noise that makes everyone feel uneasy? Lowrance Sound Company is in the business… Read more »