Without Sound, There’s no Show

Imagine going to a baseball or football game and hearing nothing other than the players and the crowd. No music, announcements or score updates – just silence. Having audio at major sporting events, or any large event of that matter, is crucial to the spectator experience. Have a well-constructed and working audio system allows announcers… Read more »

AV Maintenance Crucial to System Longevity

Regular maintenance of audio/visual equipment and systems is essential to continued reliability and performance in addition to a long lifetime. Why is regular, preventative maintenance so important? There are four substantial benefits that will show you exactly why. First of all, regular maintenance can detect problems before they become major issues. Fixing small problems along… Read more »

Keep Your Audience Happy With Sound Audio

Have you ever been to a movie theatre and the audio was so substandard you couldn’t even hear lower voice or sound pitches? This probably ruined the movie for you to some extent. Or have you ever attended a minor league sporting event with a seriously minor league audio setup? You probably couldn’t hear the… Read more »

How Can I Reduce the Echo in a Room?

Echo can be fun. Who hasn’t shouted into the mouth of a dark cave, or at the bottom of a steep canyon, to revel in glee as their own voice seems to answer right back? The boom of the returning sound matches the grand scale and majesty of these natural environments. Unfortunately for some situations,… Read more »

Why You Should Have Quality Lighting For a Stage

What is the nature of lighting? In a play, over a band, in an art gallery — anywhere there is a certain mood to be met and environment to be created there arises the need to create effective lighting.  So, what are the elements to good lighting? First off, I believe lighting is taken for… Read more »