Without Sound, There’s no Show

neylandstadium-mainclusterImagine going to a baseball or football game and hearing nothing other than the players and the crowd. No music, announcements or score updates – just silence. Having audio at major sporting events, or any large event of that matter, is crucial to the spectator experience.

Have a well-constructed and working audio system allows announcers to keep spectators informed about what’s going on in the game. Football fans can’t always see each and every play and therefore rely on the stadium’s speakers, amplifiers and microphones to tell them what happened during the play or what penalty has been called.

But what about in between plays, or at half time, music to pump up the crowd can’t be played without audio. Systems can come with CD and iPod ports as well as computer hookups so any variety of songs can be played for players or attendees. The right music can get the crowd going and their team back on track to win.

A good audio system can also be used to make important announcements like where emergency exits are or the winner of a 50/50 raffle. The sound should be loud, clear and understandable for everyone in the venue. This also prevents confusion among the audience and an uncontrollable amount of questions being asked to stadium employees.

If an emergency were to occur a dependable audio system could be the difference between orderly evacuation and utter chaos. Event attendees need to be instructed where to go and what to do clearly and repeatedly. There is sure to be stress and maybe panic, so audio needs to help give instructions without cracking, screeching or a muffled sound.

An audio system plays too big of a part in events to not be maintained and properly working. Whether the event is a sports game, concert, performance or competition, there is sure to be a need for audio. From simple announcements to vital instructions, an audio system is a must.