Why You Should Have Quality Lighting For a Stage

What is the nature of lighting? In a play, over a band, in an art gallery — anywhere there is a certain mood to be met and environment to be created there arises the need to create effective lighting.  So, what are the elements to good lighting?

First off, I believe lighting is taken for granted today.  In every building you walk into you immediately experience a vast electric rumbling-yellow or white hue that fills the entire room.  The lights may be on already, or they may turn on automatically, or they may be right at the entrance when you walk in.  Just three-hundred years ago one would not have that privilege.  Walking into a pitch black room at night with just a candle is not very much fun.

Lighting is especially important to a theater, and more specifically, to the stage the show takes place on.  Now, interestingly, in a theater there is the weird meeting of people and darkness that almost never happens in real life.  I mean, when was the last time you sat in darkness? Don’t say sleeping, because there’s nightlights and TV’s, and besides, you’re trying to escape the darkness into the light that is your mind and dreams.  Light is clarity.

But in a theater, you are aware and searching for clarity in darkness.  Well, actually, the stage is that clarity and you, the audience are darkness.  As such, it’s essential that the audience is able to have a clear visual of the performers on stage.  Sloppy lighting, or lighting that does not provide clarity can cause confusion among the audience, and cause them to have an unfavorable opinion of the production.  Good lighting will utilize these two main functions of stage lighting — to highlight something and to hide something towards the audience.

Ultimately, lighting can be the difference between a great production and an adequate one.  It can enhance the presentation, or it can distract.  So if you need lighting installation for a theatre and/or stage, be sure to trust in the experienced experts at Lowrance Sound Company.