olemiss-fieldshotYou might find yourself wondering, “Why do they need such a powerful system at a ballgame? Those huge speakers are a little overkill, aren’t they?”

The truth is that regardless of where you are in the stadium, the acoustics are always playing against you. With player introductions, the live play action on the field, special announcements, updates on the game, the national anthem, and advertising messages you can imagine just how much widespread sound is needed.

The sheer cubic feet of space that needs to be covered is astonishing. If you are in a stadium that has no roof and is open to the sky, that’s even more ambiance that is lost. With less reflective surfaces the sound escapes much easier.

This especially holds true for concerts. All across the nation huge rock bands are pumping out notes across thousands of seats. The nosebleed section would appreciate hearing the music they paid to see performed, too! Massive directional speakers are needed to ensure that the message of the melodies are properly pumped throughout the stands.

Yes, the speakers are huge and may even seem excessive. However, given the amount of amplitude, the overpowering white noise of the crowd, and the sheer volume that needs covered, it might not be as surprising as you think.

Ultimately, every stadium that hopes to host a variety of events needs to invest in a worthwhile sound system!