How Lowrance Sound Company Can Improve or Maintain Your Audio System

Have you ever been to a concert where you heard a hiss in the speakers, or a radio station’s music “bleeding through?” How about a church service where the speaker or singer walks in front of a speaker and there’s a piercing noise that makes everyone feel uneasy?

Lowrance Sound Company is in the business of improving people’s audio experiences. Located in Union City, Tennessee, we have trained technicians with great expertise and experience in the audio field.

If you have an existing sound system that needs improvement or maintenance, let Lowrance’s proficient techs figure out whether or not the audio system is optimized to be functioning the best it can be.

Lowrance’s techs notice things most amateurs do not: naturalness, intelligibility, musicality, and ease of use are all considered in each setup. We align and tune your audio system so people in the seats or on the floor listening to it will find it pleasurable.

Some of the things our techs can do to improve your overall sound system include aligning your speakers, “spiking them” correctly so they’re anchored to the ground and not wobbly, and cleaning/tightening all connections.

Other adjustments may include keeping cables off the ground, away from each other, and replacing residential grade outlets with stronger commercial ones.

When an existing system needs repairs, our techs or factory repair people can do the job well at our repair facility or, in most cases, in the field.

Lowrance Sound Company deals with many different venues and environments, from churches to stadiums, and our techs are meticulous about audio and sound quality. To get the best sounding equipment set-ups in Tennessee and beyond, call Lowrance Sound Company today.

Posted by: Lowrance Sound Company