A Truly Rewarding Project

Union City, Tennessee will soon be the home of one of the most prodigious destinations in the Volunteer State. Although it is still currently under construction, the Discovery Park of America, is set to open by the start of this October, and is primed to become a popular destination.  The state of the art park will offer an exciting combination of education, entertainment and history with over 70,000 unique exhibits. The complex is spread across 50 acres, and will have exhibits in place for visitors of all ages. Ultimately, the goal of the exhibits at Discover Park is to stimulate the minds of visitors, increase their overall knowledge and help them to strive to reach their academic potential.

Lowrance Sound Company has had the good fortune of being able to work on this wonderful project.  Our company has worked on the audio and visual development of this undertaking, and we are proud of the fact that we have been able to be a helping hand in such a tremendous endeavor. We can’t wait to see how great the park will look after the finishing touches are made.

The Discovery Park of America project was able to come to fruition thanks to the Robert E. and Jenny D. Kirkland Foundation. As the projects main benefactors, the foundation funded the majority of the startup money, while also pledging extra money that will be used after the opening to help with any operational challenges. A special thanks goes out to their foundation, and all of the other benefactors for making this project happen.

Be sure to check out the beautiful facility and exhibits at Discovery Park of America later this year. And of course, take a listen to the all the great audio! For more information on Discover Park, check out the link below.