Get the Most Out of Your Stage Lighting

stage lightsIf you’re in charge of the lights or a theatre venue or a specific performance, you have a fair amount of experience with stage lighting. However, there are a few pointers even experienced professionals aren’t aware of that could improve the overall lighting of the show. The next time you’re considering the lighting for a theatre event, keep a few things in mind.

Some people assume that the lighting crew has little to do with the actual show, and while it’s true they won’t be on stage performing, they are a critical component of the overall experience. An entire show can hinge on its lighting, and a poor setup could ruin otherwise great performances. Understanding the ins and outs of the show will better help you decide which type of lighting is appropriate from the beginning to end.

Being familiar with the equipment you’re using is also crucial. Take note of any lighting equipment that isn’t working properly, and make sure it gets repaired or replaced before the next show. Any time you bring in new equipment, make sure you test it with everything else to ensure it seamlessly integrates into your current setup.

Depending on what the production calls for, you can also get creative with the lights, using Gobo rotators to move patterned lights around the stage. You can even use different types of gels to give your lights a wide range of colors that can help underline a specific mood. Lights can be the fundamental component to enhance every aspect of your theatre productions.