Helping Build a Beautiful Fine Arts Facility at UTM

The University of Tennessee Martin is renowned for being one of the top academic institutions in the state of Tennessee.  The scenic campus is spread across 250 acres and there are approximately 8,000 students enrolled at the school.  The university offers a variety of majors for students to choose from, and other than the University of Memphis, it is the only other four-year college in West Tennessee.

The college of Fine Arts is one of the most prestigious programs that the University of Tennessee Martin offers.  Students are provided with many different options they can concentrate on under the Fine Arts umbrella.  They can choose to concentrate on the technical side of things by choosing to study something like graphic design, or they can go a different route with a bevy of intriguing options, which include dance degree programs, art programs, education programs, and theatre centric coursework.

Thanks to the continued success of the program, the need for more space and the demand for new technology as we head deeper into the 21st century, the University of Tennessee Martin decided to make major renovations to the Fine Arts facility.  The renovation will create supplemental practice space for students, and will provide more offices, art classrooms and additional storage space.  Additionally, the renovation is set to provide a new concert hall, which will benefit all students, as even ones not in the program can attend concerts for entertainment value.

Lowrance Sound Company has enthusiastically played a role in the renovation, by working on the audio and visual development of the state-of-the-art facility.  We have taken great pleasure in working on a project in our area, at a school that several of our workers graduated from.  The new facility is going to augment an already strong program, and will continue to help churn out talented young artists!

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