Small Theater Decline Tied to Outdated Sounds

Theaters across the country have been falling into disrepair for generations. For decades, these urban institutions have been shuttered and abandoned, left to the whims of Mother Nature. Thousands of these structures in cities all across the country have been left to the elements after theater owners have closed their doors due to declining movie attendance.

The root of the issue didn’t start with waning interest in the theater, though, but rather changing standards of what’s considered a quality experience for moviegoers. This is because as new theaters were built around these aging cinematic centers, they came installed with impressive sound systems that were compatible with newer movie audio formats that often required THX or Dolby Surround Sound capabilities.

Movie Theater SoundThese upgrades would have been required for movie watchers to fully experience newest Hollywood films, but rather than making these upgrades, many owners shut down their operations. As these smaller theaters closed their doors, a key feature of classic Americana closed with them.

Making some upgrades to the existing audio systems in many of these venues could mean the world of difference to theatergoers and even breathe new life into these former institutions. Modern movies are engineered with impressive sound quality that surrounds and envelopes the viewer, creating a more immersive experience.

The antiquated audio technology in many theaters not only compromises the movie quality, but produces a low quality and even “tinny” sound. Hiring a professional sound engineering service to install new audio systems could restore some of these bygone institutions or save struggling theaters today that are still fighting to stay open.

Many of these institutions have surged in popularity again in recent years as more and more people choose to support small and local businesses. By retrofitting these theaters for both modern audio and video technology, these classic American fixtures are reopening in cities across the country. For a truly quality movie experience, it’s not only what’s being projected on the big screen, but also what’s being projected from the speakers.

At Lowrance Sound Company, we have more than four decades of experience at installing audio systems and video upgrades for a wide range of venues. We can help your business make improvements and modernization investments happen, allowing you to get the latest technology needed to offer a comprehensive experience for your patrons. Audio systems have become far more affordable as technology has improved, and making these upgrades may be far cheaper than you think. For more information or to request a consultation to discuss the specific needs of your business, contact us today.