Something’s Broken: Do I Repair My Sound System Or Buy A New One?

soundsystem Sound systems can be an expensive investment for any venue. So as they age, do you buy a whole new sound system, or do you get the problem repaired? For this there is no standard answer. Numerous independent factors impact this decision.

How old is the system?

Professionals can more easily repair a sound system that’s only a few years old. However, a sound system that is ten, fifteen or even twenty years old can be expensive to fix. As technology in the industry evolves, components and parts quickly age. If something breaks on a very old sound system, you might want to consider purchasing a whole new one.

Is this a major repair?

When the problem first occurs, analyze if you think fixing it will require major repair. For example, if a dial or button falls off it might be a simple fix. On the other hand, if a wire is accidentally cut or a speaker blows out, the issue may be more serious.

How much does the repair cost?

Do some research and call a repair company if you are considering just getting the problem fixed. Get a ballpark figure for the cost of the new part and the labor it would take to replace. If you have a limited budget, then a quick repair might be the only choice. If you have been planning on purchasing a new sound system and have the funds set aside, this could be a good reason to get the ball rolling on this purchase.