Tips for Finding a Reliable AV Contractor

A good audio-visual presentation is crucial to effective presentations. Ideally, you want all your AV equipment to work well, without any hitches or glitches, so people in attendance can see and hear what you have to share clearly.

When looking for a reliable AV contractor to make sure your AV system works well, there are several things to consider.


First, look for a contractor with years of experience, because they should know their stuff regarding audio, video and collaborative systems. Ask how long the people working for the contractor have been doing what they’re doing, and find out the company’s reputation by asking for references. Are they familiar with your set-up and needs, or is your job something foreign to them?

A good place to check out what previous clients thought of the AV contractor is online, using Facebook, Google, and the company’s website. Look for positive comments, as well as negative ones. You can always email or call references to dig deeper, asking questions you want answers to before you put your trust into a certain contractor.


How is the AV contractor doing, financially? Would you be its only client? Suppliers will be able to tell you if they pay their bills on time and if they are a growing company— or one they’ve had problems with.


Other things to look for when searching for a reliable AV contractor include CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) certification and, more specifically, CTS-I (installation) and/or CTS-D (design) certifications. The company should be adequately insured, too.


Finally, you’ll want to connect with an AV contractor who can see your vision to completion. You should feel comfortable with the company and its people, having sat down with one another to discuss needs, wants, and expectations.