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Sound Engineering Custom Fit to Venue, Audience

Audio equipment isn’t one size fits all. Different venues need entirely different sound systems to have effective communication. While its common to think that a good audio system will work for small, medium and large arenas, there’s a lot more that goes into audio than that. For example, analyzing a venue and who will be… Read more »

Without Sound, There’s no Show

Imagine going to a baseball or football game and hearing nothing other than the players and the crowd. No music, announcements or score updates – just silence. Having audio at major sporting events, or any large event of that matter, is crucial to the spectator experience. Have a well-constructed and working audio system allows announcers… Read more »

Why Stadiums Need Top Notch Audio and Lighting Installations

Whether you are watching a baseball game or enjoying the tunes from your favorite band performing live, if the venue is a stadium location then hopefully proper audio and lighting system have been installed. Otherwise you’re not going to see or hear what’s actually happening. Most stadiums are open, which means there is no roof… Read more »

The Benefits of Upgrading Restaurant Sound Systems

If you own or manage a restaurant, you know that you have to do what it takes to stay on the cutting-edge of excitement and technology. There’s always a new “food fad” and competition to look out for, but changing with the times and keeping a unique edge are great ways to ensure that your… Read more »

Is a Home Theater for You? Absolutely!

Everyone loves a good movie. There is nothing like the dark and absorbing ambience of a movie theater. It is great for families, friends, and mood-setting for couples. But if you could have that same experience in your own home, without the sticky floors and uncomfortable seats, wouldn’t that be your best choice? Home theaters… Read more »