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You might find yourself wondering, “Why do they need such a powerful system at a ballgame? Those huge speakers are a little overkill, aren’t they?” The truth is that regardless of where you are in the stadium, the acoustics are always playing against you. With player introductions, the live play action on the field, special… Read more »

Who Invented the Loud Speaker?

What did we even do to listen to music, dictation, and recorded sound before the loud speaker was invented? You might picture someone straining to hear the noise, with a hand to their ear and their face contorted in confusion. Thanks to Chester W. Rice and Edward Washburn Kellogg, we don’t have to try and… Read more »

How Lowrance Sound Company Can Improve or Maintain Your Audio System

Have you ever been to a concert where you heard a hiss in the speakers, or a radio station’s music “bleeding through?” How about a church service where the speaker or singer walks in front of a speaker and there’s a piercing noise that makes everyone feel uneasy? Lowrance Sound Company is in the business… Read more »

The Importance of a Quality Lighting System

Lowrance Sound Company of Union City, Tennessee, knows that in today’s society people expect certain things when they go places: quality audio, visually pleasing video and luminous lighting, for instance. If you went to a theatrical performance and couldn’t see the actors on stage because the lighting wasn’t strong enough or placed properly, it would… Read more »

The Importance of a Superior Sound and Video System

In this day and age, a good audio and video system are vital components to many businesses, organizations and institutions.  In an ever-competitive marketplace, some people will choose to go to the venue they feel has the better technical system in place.  This makes it imperative that sports arenas, theatres, and even schools and churches… Read more »