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Top Speakers Best for Sound Versatility

Bose is among the top brands of commercial speakers. Sound quality and longevity make companies like this stand out and so many types of rooms and buildings can benefit from having a respectable sound system. Courtrooms, theaters, auditoriums and outdoor stadiums are just a few examples. If you’re in the market for a new commercial… Read more »

A Piece of Americana Marred in Violence

Rock concerts are classic Americana. There is something to be said for bringing together people and music for once-in-a-lifetime events. Sometimes, however, they can take a turn for the worse. Back in 2009, for example, during the Big Valley Jamboree in Canada, the area was being battered with heavy winds. Not long after the stage… Read more »

Sound Quality Paramount to Quality Home Theater Setup

Home theatres used to be the type of room only found in mansions. But over the years, their popularity has increased and so has their affordability. Thanks to technology and the end of the recent recession, more families are putting home theatres into basements and spare bedrooms. As important as the comfortable seats are, there… Read more »

Without Sound, There’s no Show

Imagine going to a baseball or football game and hearing nothing other than the players and the crowd. No music, announcements or score updates – just silence. Having audio at major sporting events, or any large event of that matter, is crucial to the spectator experience. Have a well-constructed and working audio system allows announcers… Read more »

AV Maintenance Crucial to System Longevity

Regular maintenance of audio/visual equipment and systems is essential to continued reliability and performance in addition to a long lifetime. Why is regular, preventative maintenance so important? There are four substantial benefits that will show you exactly why. First of all, regular maintenance can detect problems before they become major issues. Fixing small problems along… Read more »